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10 minute Tutorial on using Google Maps with your Treo smartphone (Palm OS)

( The instructions below are for Treo users with the Palm Operating System. )

Take the power of Google Maps with you on your Treo.
If you may benefit from locating any address quickly on a portable Map read on...

The following mapping features are now available on your Treo when you download the FREE Google Map interface.
• Quick and easy to use: Interactive, draggable maps with your pen, you can zoom in and out quickly.
• Detailed directions: highlighted route from point A to point B, with step-by-step directions.
• Business near-by: Once you locate an address, you can request to flag any particular business near-by on the Map.
... And you will have the ability to call the phone number associated with any flagged location with one click.
• Real-time traffic: locate where the congestion is, and traffic delays in more than 30 large US cities.
• Location satellite imagery: You can switch between map and satellite mode

Google Maps for mobile has been optimized for the following Palm OS based Treo smartphones:
(Treo 700p, 680, 650, and 600 smartphones )

Download the FREE Map interface
You can download the PRC file on your PC (into the Palm Desktop Application) and HotSync with your Treo
visit on your Treo's web browser directly.

How to use Google Maps for the Treo:
Below is a sequence of windows showing how to use the Google Maps Features.

Once you have downloaded the application on your Treo you will notice the compass icon.
Select it to access Google Maps.

Click on your Treo Menu button and select "Find Location" from the menu.
The menu button looks like ->

Type in the location that you want to see on the Map, then click OK

The next screen will show you the location you requested. You can use the stylus pen to drag and move the Map around or the + and - semi-transparent buttons to zoon in and out.

Now, click the menu button again and try the "Find Nearby Business..." option.

Enter the business name that you are trying to locate close to the Map location you requested above. Click OK

The closest location will be shown on the Map with a bubble to click to get more information on that business.

When you click the bubble you will get more information about this business location and you can select "Call" on the window to initiate a call to them directly.

Now click on the menu again from the map and select "Directions..." You can now enter two separate addresses to get directions from and to.

The next screen will show you information about your route.

The Map will have information with the route highlighted.

Use the menu button again. The next screen shows the Satellite View.
Use this option to toggle between the Map and Satellite view.
The Tampa Buccaneers Football stadium and the Yankees practice stadium are shown below on the satellite view along Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa.

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